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      Live broadcast o fPet psychology

      Date:2019-07-24 18:28

      At 8PM of July 30th, 2019, CPE invited 5 well-known pet experts to have a unprecedented and excellent live broadcast in the field of pet psychology by analyzing and judging the pets’ different behaviors. More than 1,900 audience joined into the live interview which was forwarded more than 9,490 times. The broadcast lasted 2 hours in total, the audience gained much and hope there will be more chance to join in such kind of activities.

      Profile of experts:


      Wang Shuo


      Cat owner& advocate for feline welfare.

      Expert in cat breeding & behavior.

      Professional consultant of China Pet Expo. 

      Consultant of Taipei Dunpin animal hospital and clinical medical center.

      Consultant of Beijing Najiya specialized cat hospital chain. Chief expert of Gavin pet hospital chain consultant and feline psychological counseling and behavior improvement center.

      Expert of Construction of the national cat hospital system and cat breeding behavior. Special guest, &lecturer of small animal clinical veterinary doctor conference, grooming conference


      Dennis Schenk


      ·        American expert in Dog psychology & behavior expert

      Consultant of professional certificate in dog psychology & behavior

      Expert in ASPCA(American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)

      Dog psychology & behavior expert in The Humane Society of the United States

      Membership of IACP

      Membership of SPARCS

      Founder of Doggy Thoughts ICP

      Lecturer of China Pet Expo

      Dennis Schenk learnt from the world's top specialist in the dog trainer & dog behavior Dr. Ian Dunbar and Dr. Patricia McConnell who is specialist in applied animal behavior. Dennis Schenk is the first expert from the western to give speech in dog behavior psychology in CAU(China Agricultural University) and Animal hospital of China agricultural university. He has devoted himself more than 28 years in researching dog behavior and cognitive science, early education for puppies, intervention and treatment for dogs with psychological disorders & behavior problems.



      Expert in exotic pets.

      ·        Technical consultant & chief trainer for Ringpai Pet Hospital

      ·        Director of Ringpai Yangyun Pet Hospital


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      China Pet Expo 2020

      Add:Rm 1118, B1 Tower, Xinlong Building, XiSanqi, Haidian District, Beijing, 100096 China




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