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      Pet food: pet diet, pet treats and chews and dietary supplements.

      Pet supplies: pet apparel, pet appliance, pet cages, pet toys, pet care products, pet beauty supplies and discipline supplies.

      Pet medical treatment: pet medical equipment, pet vaccines, pet drugs and pet hospitals.


      Franchised outlet: pet food chain store, pet apparel chain store, pet medical treatment chain store, aquarium products chain store and pet nursing chain store.

      Pet service: pet foster care, pet insurance, pet delivery, dog training, pet matchmaking, pet hospice service.

      Pet owner supplies: household cleaning supplies, pet books and magazines, pet websites, pet photography and pet club.

      Others: pet packaging, equestrian products, special transport machine, animal production products and auxiliary equipment and horticultural products etc.


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      China Pet Expo 2020

      Add:Rm 1118, B1 Tower, Xinlong Building, XiSanqi, Haidian District, Beijing, 100096 China




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